Julie Funke

In 1995, we brought Spinning to St Louis invented by Johnny G of Maddog Athletics that simulated a combination of road and mountain biking in an indoor setting done with music and lighting. It has been an incredible journey teaching and sharing everything I've learned in the spinning world, including Yoga which Johnny G always said Spinning is moving meditation. I also teach yoga, Spin/Yoga, yin yoga, Trapeze yoga, and trigger point release classes and am available for privates for those who need one on one training. My new journey is studying northern style Thai Bodywork which is now called Coaching the Body from my teacher, Chuck Duff in Evanston Illinois. I'm in the process of getting my certification in clinical coaching the bodywork. Come check out one of my classes, I promise you, you will feel pumped and energized when you are finished.

Looks like there's a whole lot of resting going on here, but this is actually quite effective! Her heel is targeted precisely on a deltoid attachment, her other leg adds more weight, she is consciously directing the force, and she is using the wall to support her own body. Another way to adjust would be to sit on a block.