Naomi Landis

I took my first spin class in 2000 and knew I loved it right away. I continued to spin in various places before moving back to St. Louis and finding St. Louis’ Original Spinning. I was a regular fixture for years often coming straight from my job as a Primate Keeper for the St. Louis Zoo. I have two passions, animals and exercise. After giving birth to my son in 2008, it became clear that due to my family’s work hours I needed to leave my job I loved. I continued to be an avid exercise enthusiast doing everything from spinning and running several half marathons, to weight training and step aerobics. I like intense exercise. As my son grew, I felt compelled to find a job that I could both love and would accommodate my family. In 2011, I received my spinning certification through Mad Dogg Athletics. In 2012, a friend dragged me to a yoga class when I was visiting Chicago. I had tried yoga once before and did not enjoy it, but this friend knew me well and explained I just had not tried the right kind of yoga. She took me to a hot power vinyasa class, and I loved it. Upon returning to St. Louis, I started doing yoga regularly which eventually led me to Julie Funke’s yoga class. Under Julie my practice flourished. Not only did she create fun and challenging flows, but she explained exactly how to hold the posture, the anatomy of it. With Julie as my mentor, I started teaching at St. Louis’ Original Spinning and went on to become yoga certified through Core Power. My teaching style is to push you to your limit. Without a challenge there will be no change. That being said, I believe every person’s limit is different, and that is what I love about spinning and yoga; everyone is in a different place mentally and physically, and that is ok! There is no competition to be had with anyone but you in my class. If you are trying your hardest and you only sprint 10 seconds when I offer a full minute sprint, then you are doing it perfectly. Your best effort is always enough!