Mary Ann Kuehl

ACSM Certified Fitness Instructor

ACSM Certified Fitness Instructor

Madd Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor

Certification in Core 1 & 2 Resist-A-Ball

Training with Paul Grilley on yin yoga

I have been a spinning instructor since we opened the first club in St. Louis in 1995. Every year I continue my training for spinning and fit ball by attending the WSSC in Chicago or Miami. I also train and teach Yin Yoga (Yoga that targets the connective tissues, ligaments, bones and even joints, rather then muscle).

I know from personal experience how taking time to exercise and making healthful eating choices results in more energy, patience and stamina for my active life as a wife, mother of three and a Breast Cancer survivor. I find great satisfaction in using my skills in teaching, encouragement, and organization to help my clients achieve their fitness goals. My philosophy is time spent exercising will be multiplied back in terms of extra energy and a better ability to handle life's ups and downs.

My passion for health and emotional wellness has lead me to explore and integrate nutrition and physical fitness in my own life. Along with eating healthy, spinning, ball, and yoga, I like to run, swim, cycle outside, and climb steps. I ran a marathon in 2005, a couple half marathons since, and participated in a couple triathlons. I strongly believe in cross training to achieve maximum physical fitness strength.

I have always pursues a healthy lifestyle and want a good quality of life as I age. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with my family, friends and clients.