Michael Katz

It is possible. The beat; the rhythm; an engaging focus; passion, purpose, power and pulse-a dynamic balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength; an open door to discovering, opening, strengthening, embracing and balancing everything that is you-Spinning is for every-body.

In 1995, it was my incredible honor to accompany my then two partners, one was my current business partner, Julie Funke, on the start of what has turned out to be an incredible journey. 1995 was the beginning of Spinning as the world knows it now, it was also the year Julie and I started Spinning in St. Louis.

In the last 16 years, I have been trained and taught by the very first certified Spinning instructors, as well as Johnny G himself. I have stayed at Johnny’s home and he has been a guest in mine. I stand alone as being one of the only instructors to have taught a class where Johnny was actually a student in that class. I have taught one on one and have taught to 500 Spinners at one time in the same “very large” room. I have taught and teach professional athletes and elite triathletes, cyclists and ultra endurance athletes, and folks of all ages and abilities who have athletes within them working there way to the surface; but my very favorite students are my Delta Gamma kids - 10 to 18 year old, sight impaired or completely blind, some with additional physical and mental challenges - but in 6 years, everyone in their own driver’s seat completing a journey that takes them through self-confidence all the way to personal accomplishment.

I hear I have a reputation as the instructor who teaches one of the most “challenging” classes at the most challenging facilities; but, here’s a secret, you are absolutely, positively in total control of your ride – it can be as challenging or laid back as you desire! So, I welcome students of all fitness levels, whether beginner or not.

I invite you to join us and take your first step (or stroke) towards an amazing journey, one that utilizes a synthesis of music, motivation, light, imagination, humor and more than you expect. What is possible? That’s something that only you can answer-but you will find that “everything” is possible.