Sandra Morton

I’ve been spinning for about 10 years and started teaching around May of 2011. This workout wa and is an addiction! I absolutely fell in love with it and wanted to show and prove to others the benefit of such a positive and definite experience. I started teaching at the North County Physician’s office and moved to the Dellwood Community Center within the year. I was recruited by KISS Fitness (Keep it Sexy Sister), a local Zumba and Spinning studio to instruct spin classes. I then moved to the Hampton and the Affton Club Fitness locations for weekly classes. In October of 2013, I met Julie at Pedal the Cause. My work out that day inspired me to take my spinning to another level. I tracked her down and took a chance of introducing myself after a couple of classes. I knew that St. Louis Spinning was the place to grow and increase in my Spinning skill set. I started on a warm Thursday night and have been there since. By day, I am an elementary Principal and by night, a Spin fanatic. My goal is to make all of my classes’ fun and conscience. They are rigorous and challenging to the body, mind and soul. The music will carry you and work you through your comfort zone.

Awards: The National Society of High School Scholars Educator Award, Club Fitness Above and Beyond-Spinning Instructor

Network: Midwest National School Leaders Network, St. Louis Area Business Education Association

Hobbies/Interests: Spinning Instructor/ Running, Dancing, Cooking. I am a movie buff of the movie from the 80’s and 90’s and comedy.

Personal Information: St. Louis Native, youngest of three siblings, Elementary Principal, Liturgical Ballet Dance Instructor

Favorite Quotes: Bottom of the hill… let’s go up! Stay Strong…you got this!